Sunday, February 21, 2010

Email from Hedda- August 6

Remember my friend Hedda who came and got her baby from Uganda and returned home?
She sent me an email.

"Oh how I miss you and Uganda. I know you are tired and weary and I too am having a hard time understanding why this adoption journey is so fraught with stumbling blocks for you. Know that I am there with you in spirit and prayer.

We made it home fine...Samuel was a trooper on the flights. I don’t know if Charles told you that we got pulled over by the police going to the airport that night? We sure did and when he entered the van, Jason and I were mortified. He rode with us all the way to Entebbe and I was worried. I thought he would want a bribe which would have been bad as we had no more shillings on us. As he and Charles are talking away, I am praying hard that he will not ask for anything. When he gets out we all breathe a big sigh of relief. Turns out he wanted to know about being saved. I don’t honestly think that is why he started off the journey with us but I think that is what Charles turned it around to be. Thank you Lord!......

I love you girl and I thank you for caring for me even when you were faced with so much obstacles yourself. I thank God for sending you my way and I want you to know what a blessing and inspiration you have been and continue to be in my life- THANK YOU!"

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