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August 4, 2009- Keeping busy until there is news

August 4, 2009

"May the God of my hope so fill me with all joy and peace in believing-through the experience of my faith- that by the power of the Holy Spirit I may abound and be overflowing (bubbling over) with hope." Romans 15:13 Amp (paraphrased)

One thing I have learned here in Africa is that things don't always go as planned. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

We have a saying for that --TIA (This is Africa)-- But wait, that won't work, because this time it is

a problem with my home country. The US of A!

Ok, enough sarcasm.

Like I said last week on July 30, we were told that our home study would arrive Friday morning, and be approved on the spot and then the data would be entered into the computer system and then would travel through cyberspace to arrive here in Kampala ready for us to apply for our visas.

Based on that info, we talked with the consul and tentatively set a date for the visa interview for Monday afternoon at 2:30pm.

I kept myself busy all weekend and tried not to get too excited thinking we were finally gonna get the visas now and by the end of the week we would be home.

I kept busy doing what I like to do best- cooking!- Ok, I really miss cooking, and so to help Brenda out with her busy schedule,(and give me something to do, I had volunteered to cook Sunday lunch and Monday dinner. Cooking over here though takes extra time because everything is really done from scratch but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Cooking relaxes me mentally even though it wore me out physically here in this humidity. I guess you can tell I am bored or why else would I be telling you every detail of our day when all you really want to hear is the story of our acquiring of the visas. But alas, I am the story teller and you are the reader, so I get to tell you what ever I want! So, would you like to hear the menus I came up with?

Why of course you would.

For Sunday I fixed the following:

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with tomato sauce that ended up being a little spicy because I mistook the bottle of Chili for Chili Powder!

Sweet Corn Casserole

Homemade Rolls with fresh Rosemary and Garlic


Roma Tomato Salad with fresh Basil with vinaigrette

and for our missionary fellowship in the evening, I made 3 Mississippi Mud Pies! (Unlike Mississippi Mud cake)

For Monday, Scott and Brenda ended up having a long day and so I fixed Dinner for the kids and a friend of mine from last year named Jimmy.

Oven Roasted Fresh Rosemary Chicken

Fresh Sweet, Maple Carrots (Allenni was so proud to go down into the village and get these for me)

Garlic and Onion roasted Potatoes

Creamy Caesar Cucumber Salad

Homemade Fresh Basil,Onion and Olive Flat bread

Successful and Delicious! Hungry now?

Monday finally rolled around and I woke up severely congested again with the continuation of my sinus infection and cough. This thing will let me feel good one day and then the next, I am knocked down with it.

Isaiah kept both me and Maggie busy and by early evening I was READY to put him to bed. Let me just tell you what this kid can do.

Let's see all in a days work,

He kept kissing little 2 year old Bethany and he has a nasty cold. It seemed he really wanted to share the love (and germs) today.

Stripped naked and pooped and peed in the yard then found and broke Susan's nice beaded necklace slinging beads everywhere and proceeded to pretend it is was a lasso while he was a wild, black naked cowboy.

Pulled the dogs' tails multiple times and stepped on the cat's tail several times.

Rolled his eyes at me if I told him "no"

Ignored his name anytime it was called unless you mentioned " the green spank stick"

Pitched several all out temper tantrums.

The boy is attracted to water like a fish and kept getting into the filter water bucket, the wash bucket, the baby pool fully clothed

Got into everything and anything he thought looked interesting.

Did I mention he likes to dip toilet paper into the toilet, then chew on it a while?

Took his tuna pasta that he had for lunch and decided it would make a good massage lotion all over his body and therefore he stunk like tuna all afternoon.

Watched me pick Rosemary and thought he had to go pick Brenda's plants on her patio.

Took his dinner and dumped it out on the patio so the dogs could eat it and then asked for more.

Washed his hands and his face in his juice

Single handedly took down a 7 ft x 8ft wall mirror off the wall. (Thankfully, Two teens were nearby and saved him from being crushed and they caught the mirror and it didn't break)

And as I was visiting with Jimmy over dinner, I looked over to find that he had taken 3 bookshelves of books and had piled them all in the living room floor into one big heap!

Even with his decongestant, it took him over an hour to be put to sleep for the evening!

I do not know what that boy got into but he was a handful yesterday. He also got his share of spankings. Whew!

I am definitely not used to a toddler! He is usually not this busy and destructive. So ends Monday

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