Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another 2 Hair Days and Massage-August 3-4

Well, a few days later, Allenni wanted to do my hair again! Then she kept insisting that I let her give me a massage with lotion. Well, "grudgingly" I let her. ha! I think the girl has great potential!

I think this is a little better than the "Cat Walk" hairdo. Now I look like a little teeny bopper.
Ohhhhh! Allenni! You are "paining me". (translation-- oww! that hurts!)
I love it when my hair is played with!
Isaiah found my bra and thought it made a nice hat! Too bad he only had one head! lol
I think Andrew got hold of the camera - My new beautician
the next day, Allenni wanted to give me a massage and Isaiah enjoyed spreading lotion all over my face. I couldn't have enjoyed it better!
Maggie and Isaiah pose for a pic
Can you tell I'm relaxed???
Don't I look rejunenated????

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