Saturday, December 12, 2009

More photos from Kyamulibwa -getting ready to leave

I have been absent for some time in writing because I have not had the time or quiet to do it but I have a few minutes so maybe I can work towards getting our african trip finished up. Don't forget to check our second blog to see what is happening since we have been home.

These pics are right before we packed up to head back to Masaka. It was an awesome day to remember and I am glad the kids got to see some of their friends from Seguku.

Isaiah would not ride back with me in my van and was mad when I tried to take him out of Matthew's lap.
He was getting sleepy and Allenni was squeezing to get in the picture.
Maggie and I
A bunch of the kids gathered to get a last photo
I think this little girl was Sarah
Katie and I getting last minute pics
This bibile student rode up with Maggie and Me and I think His name was John
Matthew, John and Charles with Maggie
Charles was an awesome guy

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