Saturday, December 12, 2009


Maggie,Shadrach,Alex, Charles and I along with our driver John loaded up in our van for the 1 -2 hour trip back to Masaka. Little did we know of the adventure that was waiting for us.

So, we are traveling along and get about 20-30 minutes down the road. The big bus carrying the rest of the group has already gone ahead and passed us and we waved them on, following behind. We had been chit chatting with the three bible school boys and had asked them what they did and two of them said , I am in mechanical school. "Well", I said, " that is great! If we break down, then we don't have to worry!" Well, a little while on down, guess what happened? Our vehicle just stops. John tries to start it back up but there is no use. It won't do anything. We are in the middle of a village and it will be dark soon. Visions of the last breakdown coming home from Jinja on my last trip in Uganda quickly run through my mind and I sigh thinking this is going to take a while. But then again, I am always an optimist and think, I better take some pics because I am sure this will make a great story.

Well, all the guys pour out of the van to see if they can fix the van and because there are 2 white people in the van , we start to draw a crowd of kids. The engine in the vans are under the passenger seat which I think is just stupid because if your engine gets hot, and decides to blow up then the person who is the passenger, is very UNLUCKY if you know what I mean!
Maggie and I decided to just sit in the van while they checked the engine. but once they lifted the seat up and the heat and the fumes from the engine started pouring into the van we decided to stick our heads up out of the sun roof for some fresh air.
We watched below as six men tried to decide what to do. Our two mechanics? Well, they were just beginning and didn't know anything. They fussed and commented to each other all in Luganda at the same time that two of them were sharing the earphones of Maggie's itouchboisterous and asked us to take him to America and such and I just joked back with him that it was not possible. He joined in on the diagnosis of the van.
We were drawing a small crowd of kids and Maggie searched through our purses to find any candy we had. All we came up with was a few pieces of gum and some peanuts and cashews.
We threw them out and they got all excited. By this time, we were getting really hot and decided to climb out of the van. I was previously going to call Scott but then realized that my phone was dead. Thankfully, after john realized that the van was not going to be fixed, called Scott. Scott, called Pastor James, who had not left the school as yet and he showed up sometime later and picked us up to take us to Masaka. We left John with the vehicle until they could get it towed. The rest of the trip home was uneventful and we arrived back just after dark.
listening to music. They were enthralled with her mp3 player and loved the songs she had on them. It was then that this man walked up to the van in a fancy hat and introduced himself to us as Moses. He was very

Maggie and I atop of the van
Pic of the village where we broke down
The kids waiting on more gum to be thrown
I think Charles took a pic
Still waiting but we were out of stuff to throw
Moses, wasn't sure if he was drunk or not.
Wonder what is wrong with the van.
Alex has one earphone, not sure who has the other
now Charles and Shadrach are sharing
Charles and Shadrach are sharing, while Alex holds the itouch

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