Monday, November 2, 2009

More photos from Kyamulibwa

Mr. Shoe Thief was in heaven with all the shoes that were left at the door
This is the girls dorm in the school/orphanage
The clothes dryer
The entrance to the girls dorm/activity area
Ululani, was taking pics of the kids and they loved seeing the pic in the camera
This little girl was a little unsure of me
This little boy, my Isaiah was a ham for the camera
Allenni and her friend Sandra
The older girls all wanted to hold Isaiah and of course he wasn't objecting to being carried around
Some girls in the school. I didn't learn their names because I couldn't get any of them to talk to me. They just smiled and were shy.
Me and some of the girls hanging out
Frank, talking with the kids
After lunch, the kids performed more songs for us and did a great job
Isaiah ddi not want to sit still. That is matoke there.

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