Monday, November 2, 2009

More photos from Kyamulibwa cont.

If allenni sees a camera out, she makes sure she gets nearby!
In the three photos above, is a little girl that I just loved watching as she sang and worshiped. She was totally oblivious to anyone else around her as she sang her heart out to Jesus.
This little girls wasn't unsure about Amanda or the sunglasses

This little group of girls was doing a dance to an awesome song
Pastor James is responsible for getting Allenni and Andrew's grandfather to Kampala last year for me a few times when they were making him come to be interviewed. Because of James, A &A's grandfather heard the gospel of Jesus. It was a huge ordeal to do this and James got spat upon and verbally abused by quite a few people when he went to Rakai for no fault of his own but because of other things done by other people. I owe him big time and pray God pours out his richest blessings on him and his family. He is also responsible for the kids learning to dance and sing. As pastor over the Masaka area, he ministers to kids and has a great program where the kids spend their extra time learning the traditional dances. This helps keep the kids off the streets and out of trouble.
Sign reads Jesus Loves You
At the end of the program there was a free for all dance
Katy praying with one of the kids.
Isaiah got his way and got to ride back in the Coaster
I'm happy and sleepy
Maggie and I
Me and one of the little girls. I think her name is Sarah
The kids saying goodbye
Maggie and John
Maggie, Charles, John and Matt
Maggie and Charles

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