Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update from Carters and Thanksgiving Baking

Hi family and friends,
God has been faithful to complete what he started and we are so thankful this holiday season to be home with ALL of our kiddos!
Whew what a few months it has been! I cannot believe we have been home now for 2 months! What a whirlwind of activity.
For the most part, the kids have adjusted well. Of course, there has been the expected culture shock, the over stimulation of everything American and the getting used to living in a family structure. For those of us already living in this house, it has been the adjustment of adding three very active kids (can we say Whirlwinds) to our semi-quiet lifestyle. Personalities learning to live with each other, always having little ones rummage through your things if you leave a door open or things out, and the extra work of adding three new people to this family can wear and tear on you.
We all have had our days where we just break down and cry or feel overwhelmed.
I explained to the older kids, "This is a time of big adjustments for all of us, some days we handle with ease and some we don't but it is ok. It is like we are one big orchestra and at the moment we are all tuning our instruments and seeing how we work together and it doesn't at all sound pleasant but one day soon, we will find our song and we will all blend in harmony and it will be beautiful for the world to hear."
We know God has knitted this family together with all of our different skin tones and personalities and he makes no mistakes. He is faithful to sustain us and empower us if we keep our focus on him. Every one of our kids have been through so much hurt and trauma but God is faithful to continue heal their hearts and souls and draw them closer to himself.
Life has been so busy that I have not had time to blog much but have tried recently to work on some of the story from Africa and what's been going on in our life after Africa.
I decided to continue our African journey blog on
and start a new blog AFTER Africa at
I will be working on these blogs simultaneously so check both of them.

I am working on updating my website at where you can purchase prints, notecards, handmade jewelry, homemade bath salts, my homemade seasoning packets for dips and cooking, homemade pecan caramels and butter toffee and Melissa's Holiday Recipes on CD for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers.

I will also be offering three or four of my paintings as Christmas cards where you can send a unique Christmas card and raise awareness about orphans as well as benefit an orphan. So keep checking my website for info.

Also you can go to and order Adoption Christmas ornaments for your tree this year. There are many different designs to choose from. I will also be offering a limited number of signed ornaments from my website this year at

As November is National Adoption Month, the kids and I will be baking for the Thanksgiving holidays and a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping orphans or a family that is adopting. As most of you know I used to own my own bakery and catering business so baking is one of my favorite things to do.
We will be offering the following items for pickup on Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday 25th: Please call me at 256 757-6078 or 256 710-2781 or email me at with your order.
1. Italian Cream Cake - $18
2. Triple Strawberry Cake -$18
3. Chocolate Truffle Cake - $20
4. Pecan Pie Cake - $20
5 Gourmet Pumpkin Pie -$12
6. Pecan Pie - $15
7. Chocolate Pecan Pie- $15

Pecan pie Cake
Italian Cream Cake
Chocolate Truffle Cake

Melissa's famous carrot cake

All Pies are 9 inch deep dish
All Cakes are 8 inch 3 layer
Cakes in the photos are stock photos of the ones I bake and they looked the closest to my cakes and yours will be decorated similar as in photos but not exactly but just as professional.

Blessings to all of you as you begin this Holiday Season

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Jenny said...

I wish I lived by you! Those desserts look great!


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