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June 28,2009 - Visit to Kyamulibwa (cha-mul-ee -bwa)

This was the director of the orphanage and school. Her name slips my mind.
Maggie and I and Allenni waiting for lunch
Ululani, Micah and others waiting for lunch as well

These two pics above are an introduction in the church. This is when you officially get engaged in church. By Law, You have to announce 3 times in church that you intend to get married.
It is very interesting. Up until this point, the couple act like they don't know each other in public. Then a friend gets up and introduces them to each other and tells a story of how she or he knew they should be married and they act all shy like it is the first time they have seen each other. They set a date for a month or two down the road to get married.
This is the Worship team at the church in Kyamulibwa
Allenni's friend Sarah with Isaiah
Two cute girls in the church

These kids sang a great song about god being our fearless leader
Dancing their hearts out
Frank and his family giving testimonies
Amanda singing a song she wrote with Pastor Bruce holding the mic

Today was a great day. We went to Kyamulibwa with the Volz, the Bandlemans and the mission team from Epic Church. It was about a 40-60 minute drive. UCOM has established a church, orphanage and a school. Allenni and Andrew had friends going there from Seguku so were excited about going there and seeing them. UCOM has established a Feed His Lambs program where kids are sponsored whether they be orphans or in poverty and they give them an education and a hope. This in turn breaks the cycle of poverty in their family line and the kids have hope of a better life. It is remarkable to see these kids. John, our advocate who has helped us in this process of getting our passports was one of those kids and he is about to graduate very soon from Law school. UCOM has made a difference in his life. They also have made a difference in our kids lives as they were under the Feed His Lambs program while I had to be back in the States for a year. You can watch here

and click here and here to visit videos and the website with more info.

We had a great service in church with lots of singing and dancing and Katy blessed me by taking Isaiah from me and watching him during the service. I have not been to church since I got here and it was good to sort of have some freedom to concentrate on what was going on and what was being said.

When Maggie and I went in service with Sarah and a few others and the kids, we sat down on the front bench because the seats were empty. Well, the Usher lady wasn't happy with that and before we knew it, she was bringing large school desk for us to sit in and shooing all the kids and people seated behind us back so the benches could be pushed back. I looked over at Scott on the the other side of the church and he smiled real big and shrugged his shoulders. When we told her it was ok, she wasn't going to hear it! We must sit in these better chairs.

Well, of course Allenni sat in one, she was all happy the lady brought us better chairs, and I could just see it in her eyes, "I'm gonna like living with this white woman, she gets all the good stuff." LOL

Well, much to Allenni's surprise, the lady jerks her out of the desk and scolds her and tries to pull her to the other side of the church where all the little kids are! BUBBLE IS BURSTED! She looks at me desparately, saying with her facial expression, "MOM! Aren't you going to do something?, I belong to you!, I deserve to sit in that chair "

I quickly grabbed Allenni's other arm and tried to tell the lady , who spoke no English, that she was mine. We pulled back and forth for several seconds with me me trying to gesture that she was my daughter before she finally gave up. You could tell she was not happy that a child was sitting in that special seat. Allenni, delighted that the old lady did not win and force her out of her seat gave me the biggest grin and puffed her chest out a little. All the kids in the side wing had enjoyed this show were in awe with Allenni who had a white mama who let her sit in the special chair! I looked at Scott again and he just smiled.

Of course the service was long as there was lots of singing, announcements, testimonies and preaching and then an introduction to marriage.

We then went over to the orphanage where they had prepared us an incredible Ugandan meal consisting of Matoke, Rice, Chicken Stew, Beans, Curried Goat,Fresh Pineapple, Cabbage, and Chapti. It was absolutely delicious.

We hung out with the kids awhile afterwards. I hung out with the older kids as Allenni was off somewhere visiting her friends and one of the older kids had Isaiah. They were so shy, I couldn't hardly get any of them to talk to me. They liked their picture taken so I took a few.

After that we returned to the church for some entertainment from the kids which included dances and singing. They were awesome. They had worked really hard on it all.

It was real enjoyable and thankfully Isaiah went to sleep so I could enjoy it.

We left after some picture taking of all the kids outside of the church. The kids all rode in the Coaster as they thought that was the greatest! Even Isaiah pitched a fit because I wasn't going to let him ride in it. So I gave in when somebody said they would take great care of him.

Maggie and I rode back in the van and that was another adventure in itself. But that is another whole blog post.

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