Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trip to Masaka- June 23,2009

Allenni and Andrew strutting their stuff
Notice how Maggie in the background is uninterested

All of us on the literal Equator
Me, Maggie, and Isaiah
Brenda, Shelly, Bethany and Brie
Kati, Sarah, And Gabe. Are the drums used as tables neat? isaih kept weaving himself in and out of these drums and kept knocking over drinks! Plus he kept wanting to play them.

Andrew enjoying Maggie's left over banana-mango smoothy
Isaiah with somebody's head band
Kati is cutting the lard cake!
The veggies and fruit here are awesome!
Is this how you would get a pumpkin home?

Today, Brenda and her kids, Shelly and her kids, I and my kids and Kati loaded up in two vans set out for Masaka. We are going a few days earlier than the team to prepare the mission house and get things ready for the 10 days. It is about a 2-3 hour drive. I am looking forward to this as it will be neat to finally pitch in and help with some of the mission stuff.

Now on the way to Masaka, we stopped at the Equator. Yes, the Equator goes right through Uganda. Of course having never been there, we had to do the touristy thing and get our picture taken standing on the Equator. We took a bathroom break and ordered matoke chips and fries and it took forever! Nothing is fast here! While waiting for our chips, there were tourist coming and going and these Chinese tourist came and sat doen on the porch across from us. One of them was having a birthday and they brought him a huge birthday cake out. It looked yummy. When we were in China adopting Eli, they had bakeries all over the place with cakes just like it. Like they shipped it straight from China.

Well, a little later the Chinese girl brought the cake over to our group and offered the rest of it to us. Yummy! We thanked her profusely and got a knife and started cutting pieces. But when everyone bit into it, there were all kinds of faces being made! Why? The icing was not icing but pure colored Lard!!!!! The poor Chinese, they don’t know what they are missing with out sugar icing!

The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful. We stopped at a roadside market to get some fruit and veggies and the colors were just so beautiful that I had to take a photo. After getting set up in our room later, Allenni and Andrew decided to dance of us. Hopefully I can get a little video put on here.

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