Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Masaka Day 1 - June 24

A crane in the backyard
Allenni got hold of the camera
Need to look up the name of this bird
The kids playing soccer in the backyard
Allenni, Nathaniel, Isaiah and Bethany, painting themselves black
Eveidently she wants a tan. She even covered her stomach
We are having so much fun! These two got into all kinds of things
Isaiah is helping Dora with the laundry
Uh, naked boy spotted on left of soccer field
He's off to explore and nobody cares!

Masaka Day 1 – June 24
It actually got cold last night. It had to be down in the low 50’s. I about froze. Of course Isaiah woke me up bright and early as usual. We are staying at the Bible school here in Masaka. Rozenna, one of the missionaries also lives here. She has a place here called Hannah’s home that takes in young girls who are pregnant. They temporarily house some toddlers that will move to Seguku when part of the baby home gets finished.
I went out back to find an awesome back yard and lots of cranes and some other interesting bird roaming around. The day was pretty much a chilled out lets rest and have fun day. Of course Isaiah was running around exploring everything. At one point I was looking for him and found him and Bethany, who is two, in a big mess. Evidently, Bethany wanted to be black and Isaiah thought he could be a little blacker! They both, along with Allenni had rubbed black coal all over themselves! What a funny sight! They were all so proud of themselves of their body art. At first, I thought, how in the world are we going to get this off? But Brenda told me it would come off with water and amazingly it did!
The kids played in the back yard rotating between soccer and tag. I looked out there to find a naked little black boy running around. Wanna guess who? Yes, Isaiah! I guess he decided that clothes were too much and he wanted to be au natural. Nobody seemed to mind that he was running around naked.
I did get some cute video but I don’t think I can post it publicly! Ha! Even thought he is cutey cutey.
Well, that about covers this day.

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