Wednesday, October 21, 2009

June 21,2009, Catchup from Africa

Everybody helping t take out Maggie's Braids
Andrew loves doing hair.
We put Maggie's shirt on Isaiah

I got Allenni a Barbie and she loved it.

June 21,2009 - Sunday
Nothing much going on here. I ran over across the hill to the store to get a few things for our trip and the kids a toy for the trip. As usual the weather is nice here, well, there is lots of humidity but that is another matter.

So it was a good day to be outside. Since I have been having trouble breathing an am on my third type of antibiotic, I have been trying not to get outside too much as there is always something burning somewhere. The house is pretty much open to outside with windows and doors but it does help to block some of the smoke of the burning garbage or leaves. The kids were awefully quiet so I went looking for them and found them outside removing the braids from Maggie’s hair. She had gone a few weeks before and gotten her hair braided in many tiny braids using extensions. Purple hair was her choice and I do have to say, she looked pretty good with her hair all braided in purple. So after so many weeks, she decided it was time to take them out and so I found Allenni, Andrew and Geoffrey, the night guard, removing the braids. It can be a painful process and of course a very slow one. I think it probably is going to take them two days to take them out. I am pretty sure she will get them redone.

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