Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Progress

I heard yesterday from Duane.
Montgomery DHR did send the file to ATL USCIS on July 7. So it either got on the wrong person's desk or it got lost in the mail.
So... Montgomery recopied everything in our file and sent it all AGAIN to ATL yesterday in the 2pm mail. What I am hoping is our WHOLE FILE IS NOT LOST IN the ATL office. That could cause a bigger problem but I am not going to worry about it. I am trusting God to handle all of this. So we wait to hear the news that we are approved and can apply for the visas.
On another note, we are all doing ok. I had a rough day physically yesterday. This sinus congestion and cough have about done me in. Though my coughing and chest congestion is much better, I have spells of feeling ok and then very bad. It is interesting, I feel pretty good one day and the next I will plummet. Thanks all for your prayers.
Knowing I have friends and family who are lifting us up in prayer, helps us to feel that we are not alone. The kids are anxious to go to America and I think they don't believe me when I tell them we are going soon.
They pray every night for visas.
As for our house, Duane says they are ripping out the damaged carpet in both rooms and have been getting the water out of the rooms with a professional service.
The builders covered up the roof where the water had come in and as I understand there was a little damage in the construction part. Duane is trying to figure out how to go ahead and get the roof and bricks put up on the house to protect it.
I guess that is all the update for right now. Thanks again to everyone for the emails and notes and your prayers. It has encouraged me.

I have uploaded some pics to my Facebook as I can download whole albums quickly there. You can find me by either clicking on the FB icon on this page or looking up Melissa Ammons Carter

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