Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to Wed. June 17. Part 2 Part 1 -titled xrays

Part 2 of WED. June 17. -Back over to the Embassy for Isaiah's visa
I have been sick for a few weeks and have had no energy to write. Lucky for you, every detail is not fresh on my mind as it would have been had I written it soon after it happened. Sad for me because I like details. :)

We headed over to the Embassy so as not to miss our appointment. I left Maggie and the kids in the van since Mr. Flook had already seen Isaiah. I was hoping to go in, pay and then get out. WRONG! I got in ok. It was pretty fast and easy as I had no diaper bag and had left all my electronis in the van. But when it was my turn to go into the little cubicle, I was told that my appointment was not at one but at 2pm. Ugh! They had it written on a calendar so I must have been the one to mess it up. So the man sent me back out to the waiting room to wait another hour. Thankfully, Maggie had snacks in the van for the kids since we didn’t get lunch and so I didn’t worry about the kids being hungry. I had brought a book with me and read some, watched CNN some, wrote down some thoughts in my notebook, people watched as they came and went and just stared at all the posters that I had already read at least 3 times on previous visits. The attendant whose job it was to send the people where they needed to be said, “You are like Ugandan. You come early and wait for your appointment. Most Americans show up at the appointment time.” I nearly laughed but held my composure. Never since I have been in Uganda have I seen a Ugandan arrive anywhere early, only late. “Oh, well”, I said, “I thought my appointment was at 1pm and I was mistaken. “ Finally, I was called back and Mr. Flook had not received the medicals yet, but I told him they were on the way. He then got to looking at my paperwork and said, ” Well, your I600a actually expired on June 16, but since you signed and took the oath that day, for Isaiah’s I am going to go ahead and process his visa since the medicals are on their way. I am leaving Uganda on Friday to move on to my next assignment and so I will leave a note in the other two kids’ files and as soon as you get the approval and their passports, the new consul can process them.”
I thanked him and he told me to wait to pay and could pick Isaiah’s visa up in a couple of days and pay then. So, that didn’t take too long after I got in there! I just wished I hadn’t gotten my appointment mixed up. I got back to the van to find Maggie and the kids a little hot but ok. We headed home, hoping that the process to get the I-600a renewed would not take long.

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying that it will all be over soon....and you will be back home!!!!! Have courage and know we are all still praying!!!


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