Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hard to Believe

Well, I should be in bed here but wanted to post an update on our situation. YES, our file got lost somewhere. So our Social worker got AL DHR to resend the whole file to Atlanta USCIS. Can you believe it took ONE WEEK to arrive there?
Blew my mind. So we got this news that it had arrived in ATL and would be processed imediately. Yeah!!! BUT.... Guess what????
DHR totally forgot to include only the most important document USCIS needed and was really the only document we needed ---- OUR UPDATED HOMESTUDY---!!!!
Now to be honest, I went into the flesh for a minute when Duane IM'd me about it!!!!
Can you beleive that?????
Thankfully our senator's office had called ATL this morning to check that things were going and was told about this problem. They called Duane and Duane called our Social Worker who had permission from the Senator's office to bypass DHR in AL and send the Homestudy directly to USCIS in ATL by Fed EX overnight.
So it is supposed to arrive in ATL at 10am and be approved on the spot by a congressional liason who will then hand deliver it to the person who inputs into the data base so the Embassy can process the visas from this side.
So as Duane was telling me all this by IM, the Embassy called me and I told her the situation and so she tentatively set us a visa appointment for Monday at 2:30pm. The visa usually takes 2 days to complete.
When we get word that the approval is here in Uganda we will try to find a plane out of here and head home.
We need people to pray us home. It seems the enemy just keeps throwing things our way to keep us from getting home with these kids.
Well, I have had ENOUGH!
You'd think he would give up knowing God always comes through for us!
That God is our shield and strong tower and that we are leaning on Him. That we are not giving up.

Maggie and I in faith, did most of our packing on Monday. We only left out what we absolutely needed.
Here are some specific things we would like to ask you to pray about:

1. My health is improving. Thanks for your prayers
2.Please pray for Allenni and Isaiah, they are getting what I have had. We need every one to be healthy for traveling.
3. For plane tickets to become available next week at a price we can afford. This is high travel season
4.For the protection of the rest of the process for the visas
5. For protection of us as we travel
6. For Duane and the kids back home.
7. That our focus will stay on Jesus no matter what happens our way.

Thanks so much everyone, we have felt your prayers and have loved the encouragement from those of you who have sent emails, brought food to my kids and hubby, and have sent me messages on FB and here on the blog. It has meant a lot to us.
You all have persevered with us in this matter.
WE know God's glory will be the one that shines bright when all is said and done.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

AMEN!!!! We are constantly praying. I was reading your blog the other kids were like- who is that...I explained the situation, and they said- they need to come home. So we all have been praying! God WILL see you all through, and in the end- HE GETS THE GLORY!!!!

Lisa said...

We're praying!!! And I believe I'll see you all next weekend. See you then :)


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