Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Home Yet- Again

Well, I will post a short note here to let you all know we will NOT be on that plane tomorrow.
The Embassy called me today and told me they had heard from USCIS and they were aware of our case and were waiting for the file to arrive so they could process it in one day.
So... the question is... WHERE IS OUR FILE?
We had been told that ATL USCIS- our district office-- is waiting on it as well and is aware of the renewal.
WE had been told it was sent to ATL July 7th.
So either our file got lost in the mail from Montgomery, AL to Atlanta or it is still sitting in the DHR office in Montgomery not having been mailed yet.
I canceled our tickets - AGAIN - and will wait til the file is found to book.
To be honest, I was severely disappointed and woke up at 2am this morning and just bawled my eyes out for over an hour and had a good talk with God about all I was feeling and as always, as a loving Dad, I knew he understood. Eventually, I felt his peace and arms wrap around me and I drifted off to sleep and a woke in a much better spirit this morning.
AS I put on my FB and I meant it, " I WILL dance on the chains of my circumstances and RIDE on the waves of my storm, for NOTHING is impossible to those who believe, for God is LOVE."
Your prayers are much appreciated.
P.S. Some good news is the damage to our house from the storm is going to be covered by insurance and nothing was stolen from Duane's car.

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