Sunday, June 21, 2009

Photos from the Trauma House Party

Allenni and Andrew with Jaja - she is the lady who has been taking care of them
The kids from the house with jaja- Candy, Tito, Andrew, Jaja, Allenni, Isaiah, Francis, and John
Candy and Allenni
Candy and Maggie
Candy and Andrew
Jaja and Francis
The kids jumping on the trampoline
Yummy, Matoke
The girls who cooked the Ugandan food- Molly, Fada, and Annettee
The kids enjoying the food
Isaiah bothering Tito
They loved the food and ate great amounts of it
Standing in line to get some food - Andrew, Tito, Allenni and Candy


Allenni is going to be a big help in the kitchen
Allenni got the camera and took some photos of the girls - Fada poses
Molly grins real big
Annettee is cooking the chicken and matoke on the charcoal stoves outside

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Kimmie said...

Your children are beautiful. Praying God's hand works all the details out for you and you get to come home quickly with them.

Bless you sister.
mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted


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