Sunday, June 21, 2009

Night at Ndere Center - June 14

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Today was pretty good. We slept in til 8am and then had our breakfast. Andrew went on to church so he could say bye to some of his friends. Allenni wanted to stay with me. She has become quite clingy to me and is dying for affection. For Lunch Brenda fixed Chicken Masala which I learned how to cook and so family we are going to have a new dish! It is yummy!
At 4pm Maggie and I along with Allenni and Andrew, went to Sanyu to pick up Hedda, Tanya, and her aunt Martha to go to Ndere Center to watch a 3 hour African folk dance show. It was great!!! There were dances from all over the country from the different tribes. We got to dance as well and Allenni and Andrew loved it. The Emcee was pretty funny and it was all good for us to laugh. I had left the baby at home so I could spend time with Allenni and Andrew and was glad I did. You can also order food if you want but don’t have to. They even offered a Ugandan Buffet.
Since we had not eaten dinner, I ordered a plate of Cassava, Gonja and African Sweet potato. When I offered some to Andrew, he snubbed his nose, “I don’t like it. Every day I eat Cassava and it is not good.” Ok then, more for me! Even though it is quite starchy and is like peanut butter in that you better have some water on hand if you want to swallow it or it will stick to the roof of your mouth and throat, I like it. Allenni and Andrew chose fried chicken legs. They love chicken! I have a feeling they are going to love Southern fried chicken. They don’t care for fries or mashed potatoes though. Maybe in time.
I ordered a Goat meat skewer and it was delicious.

Getting ready for the show to start
The intro
Andrew is proud of his chicken
So is Allenni
There was lots of movement so some pictures are blurred
Allenni and Andrew join in the dancing from their seats
If I remember right this is from the Buganda tribe
Here he has asked for all visitors to come down to join in a dance
We started out singing "Amazing Grace" then it took a turn with an African twist with drums and other instruments. We all were dancing and laughing. I thought it was a great demonstration that True GRACE brings freedom and joy that make you dance.
Right after that song, They did another dance from the Acholi tribe

These girls ended up carrying 9 pots on their heads while dancing

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