Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Hurdles to Overcome

Well, our hurdle to overcome just got bigger and became a mountain!
As I said in the previous posts, our I-600a petition that allows the kids to immigrate into the USA expired on the 16th of June. I had already requested the renewal before I left and sent in the required papers except for the homestudy and told them it was coming. I found out today that the updated homestudy did not arrive in time and therefore my application completely expired. As I understand, we have to open a new application and start over. THIS WAS NOT GOOD NEWS!!!
So, if we do get the passports in the next few days, we can't enter America because the kids can't get a visa to immigrate. We will have to wait for the new approval.
Our Social worker and Duane are working on it Stateside. This process is usually not quick. We are praying for God to intervene and show favor. At first I was pretty upset but I had to choose to hand it over to God. I really can't fix it anyway. I know He has good plans for me and my family, not to harm us but to prosper us and I have to lean on that truth because His truth sets me free.
I will wait on the Lord.
Pray with us that He will show His mighty hand. He is an awesome God and all glory will be given to Him.


Gaunt Family said...

I was reading Jeremiah 29 just yesterday where it says "For I know the plans I have for you." I read on, and was surprised to find a message there for me about how He will also set us free from captivity. I feel like I am (in Jena Penner's words) in adoption jail, so it was comforting for me. I wish I had my bible with me to give you the exact words, but know that you are in my prayers. I am believing with you that your family has found favour in your governemnt offices for this paperwork to be completed in record time!


I'm sorry Melissa. I know you must be very tired of these mountains. I am praying and begging God to move this mountain quickly so you can go home!
jen in mi

Melissa said...

Melissa, I am so sorry to hear that news. I will continue to pray, and trust the Lord that He will crush this mountain for you.


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