Friday, June 19, 2009

Not Home Yet

As some of you already know, we did not get to come home. First of all, we have not received the other two kids passports. There was a meeting concerning them yesterday but we have not heard the results of it yet. Second of all, Whereas I thought our I-600a paperwork to immigrate the kids into the USA didn't expire until the 19th of June, expired on the 16th instead. Isaiah's visa application was signed and submitted on that date. Now we have to wait for the renewal of the I-600a to be completed before we can even think about entering the USA. We have some people checking on the status of our renewal and are hoping that it is almost completed.
I don't feel we are going to be here like I was last year for 4 months but it could be a couple of weeks. I know God is working where I cannot see and I have chosen not to worry and fret about it all but to trust His plans. I am missing my husband and kids and it is probably harder on them than me right now.
These are three things that you all could be praying about for us.
Renewal of I-600a
My family back home

I have lots of blogging to do as we have had many adventures over the last few days!
But I have been so tired that I haven't had a chance to write them down.
The internet has been finicky and I have not been able to use it for 2 days.
Well, I have to head to bed.
It looks like I will be going to Masaka for several days and am looking forward to that.

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Anonymous said...

the waiting is so hard........


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