Sunday, May 3, 2009

When Are You Coming?

I got a message on Facebook from a friend in Uganda and he had seen Andrew. So Kenny sent me a message from him.
" Yesterday I was at church and I saw Andrew, he asked the following. Ken, when is my mom coming back? do you know her phone number? I want to call her. I did not have any answer for him but told him that u'll come back soon. he says hello."

Wonderfully,I was able to tell him that I was coming May 18!
It will be so good to see the kids.

Allenni and Andrew are in school and so I am assuming that they will continue with that and stay with their foster family to keep their routine while I am there until we get the passports and visas.
Isaiah will move in with me and we will work on his passport first since there seem to be no complications with his case. Tomorrow I will purchase the tickets for Maggie and I.

God supplied the money for our tickets down to the wire! (My heart pounds a lot when He does that!) But yeah! Duane and I came home to find a check for the majority of the price of the two tickets. I am sure He will supply the kids' ticket money when it is needed.! WE ARE BELIEVING IT!


Sherri said...

I'm praying that this time you'll come home with all of them!


The McDaniels said...

I wasn't sure if you had looked into it, but I checked with Golden Rule Travel yesterday and they had some great rates on adoption travel to Entebbe on tickets. Really good prices.

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

You are on our prayer list until your beautiful children are home safe with you!!!! I know God will move mountains!!!! These are HIS KIDS you are talking about and they need their family! So excited you get to go soon.


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