Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here we come Uganda!

Well, Life is speeding up as we count down the days to leave for Uganda. AHHHHHHH!!! All that has to be done!!!!
I got our plane tickets booked as God sent in the money the day before I needed it! Yay God!!!!!
This is a trip of Faith in all ways for us, but I believe that since we are taking that first step then another God will be faithful to complete all he has started in the past.
He told me a long time ago, "I will not take you on a trip and not foot the bill!" "So, Ok, Daddy God. I am trusting you to take care of the details and I will enjoy the trip."
Thanks to those of you who supplied suitcases and are bringing ties and shirts. That really helped out!
I spent a whole day organizing and obtaining all the forms and papers I have to take with me to bring home the kids and immigrate them into the USA. Talk about Mind draining? But I think I have all my bases covered.
Maggie and I will start our Malaria medicine next week. We tried one on her but are having to change it as it didn't gel with her too well.
I am trying to figure out how to twitter from Africa but I may have to wait until I get there to figure that one. I got my international phone from my dad so I will send a note out with all my contact info. I am setting up skype as well and you can call me for free and of course my email is available when the internet is working.
I am thinking I can get on Facebook as well. We will see.
Notes of encouragement are great when you are in a foreign country and last time they kept me going on days that were rough.
On another note, I had to have an upper endoscopy and ultra sound this week as I have been having increased problems with my reflux.
Thankfully, amazingly and wonderfully, All looks really good! No problems . The Doc thought I might have a hernia or damage to my esphogues from the reflux or an ulcer from all the arthritis meds and pain meds I used to have to take fro my arthritis but there was none!
I am thanking God. I still am having reflux but he is trying me on this new medicine.
It seems that I am getting pics posted on my Facebook faster than my blog. I am so behind on blogging what has been happening. But hopefully one day I will get caught up. (What did I just say??? I am laughing at myself because caught up is really not possible around here... then again, ALL things are possible with God!) Maybe he will bring me a secretary or personal assistant.)

I am excited that I will get to see my friend Hedda in Uganda. You can check out her blog here A Surprise Awaits Us She is traveling 5 days after me to work on the guardianship of her baby. She is the one we met in China while adopting Eli and told us about Uganda. We think this is all funny. We can't cross the South to see each other from Texas to Alabama but we'll travel around the world! ha!
Well, I better run. Got lots to do instead of sitting here on this computer.

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waitingarms said...

Praying for a safe trip to Uganda and that the passport issue will be resolved asap now that mommy is in town! God's best to you and your precious children in Uganda. Also praying for your husband and the children at home during your time away.



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