Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Older boy needs a family ASAP

This is from our agency that we got Eli from. Please pass this info along to help find "David" a home. Melissa

Older boy needs a family ASAP

We recently returned the file of an older boy to the CCAA because the family was unable to complete the adoption. The boy is now on the shared list. He will turn 14 next January, and has precious little time to find a family. We are brokenhearted at the thought of him missing his last chance for a family of his own, and have promised to help find a family for him. You can see his info on our site at where we are using the name "David" for him. He was born on January 8, 1996, and has received surgery in 2004 for hypospadias.

He has been waiting a long, long time for a family.

David has been with a foster family for quite a while, so he understands the meaning and importance of family. He is now back at the orphanage. He is said to be a well-behaved boy, who gets
along very well with other children.

Although we no longer have a special needs program in China, we are continuing to complete our open cases, and feel a strong obligation to help David in his search for a family. The CCAA has said they require the dossier of any interested family within three months time of matching. Any interested families should contact Madison Adoption Associates at (302)475-8977. Please consider this boy...he has waited so long, and is ready for a home!

Cheryl Graham

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