Sunday, April 26, 2009

Looks Like I will be headed to Africa

"For I know the plans I have for you.... to prosper you and not to harm you." Jeremiah

Well, Since that email from John back on April 16, I have been waiting, praying and checking out plane tickets. I heard from Scott the missionary there and he has said that he was planning on writing me when I emailed him. He has asked me to come to work on the passports myself with him as he thinks that if I am there in person, we can get a lot more done as I am the legal guardian. He has asked me to wait until the middle of May to come as he has a conference and mission teams in and would be busy. So it would do me no good to sit and wait around. He hopes to set up some meetings with some people. He has a place for me to stay and he wants to move Isaiah in with me so we can bond. He feels certain I will get his passport with no problem.

So, in faith we are stepping out and Maggie and I will be going to Uganda in May. It looks like the flight leaves May 16 to arrive on the 18. And we will stay a month til June 20. Now if all works out, we can come back earlier.
After searching and searching a friend pointed me to Golden Rule Travel and they found me a flight that will take me to South Africa then to Uganda. The price for my ticket was a little bit more expensive but the kids one way back was half of what I have been able to find anywhere and so it actually works out cheaper. There was also unlimited changes with no fee and I can make the reservation and not pay for two weeks. Even though these are cities (Washington, DC, New York, And Johannesburg) that I have never flown through, I think It will be an interesting trip. The drawbacks are that we spend the night in NY going and have a day layover in S. Africa on the way back. BUT... even that might be fun. WE have some friends in our church who are South African and he has family and friends in Johannesburg who can take us out for a day trip. My friend has also told me that South African Airways is one of the best Airlines he has ever flown. It is his favorite. Soo.... "Uganda here we come! God, The rest is up to you!"
I just actually decided tonight after much dialogue with God that we would go a head and go and take this flight. It all is a big step of Faith and is even outside of my comfort zone. But what peace there is!!!
I took Maggie to get her Yellow Fever shot in a travel clinic in Decatur as she couldn't get it here and we thought she had to get another slew of shots but when we arrived back at Duane's office and looked at her chart, we had already given her all of the others but one. We had already given her typhoid when we thought she was going with me last year. Boy,was she glad!
What is neat too, is that two of My blogger friends will be in Uganda at the same time and we will be coming from Canada, Texas and Alabama to meet each other!!!! Check out their blogs here and here.
" So girls, since we all can't get together in North America, let's just make it a date in Uganda. You game?" hehehe! (Sorry, there, I was having a little make believe conversation.)

Why not meet in the center of the world, in the Pearl of Africa???? Sounds right to me!
So starting this next week, we will begin the great task of pulling together all we need to take to Africa with us, making lists, finishing off getting my I-600 A renewal completed and sent to USCIS as our paperwork expires in June and I don't want that to hold us up and keep us from getting immigration visas to the US, gathering paperwork, and more paperwork packing and repacking, lining up sitters for the kids, making sure all pantries and freezers are full, getting the kids rides to soccer games, preparing the rooms for new kids, finishing up the homeschooling year and etc.......
If anybody locally

1.has 2 or 3 large suitcases they don't mind going on a long haul, (They will get beat up) please email me. (Ours have been across the ocean more times than they can handle anymore)
2. Has some nice neck ties or almost new dress shirts, I can take to the Bible students there in the village, That would be awesome.
3. Has some nice dark dress slacks or a suit coat or suit that would fit a man that wears a pants 30/32. that would be great. John who has been helping us could use them. They need to be in like new condition.

So that is about all the news! I am going to try to keep this blog updated while there but sometimes it is hard to upload on a blog so if you want email updates just email me at to get on my mail lists. I hope to twitter from my cell phone but have to check on that! I love technology! It amazes me how we can instantly send a message across the world. I remember having to wait once a month to send and receive a letter to my parents in Nigeria. By then, you had forgotten what you had written to them when you got their responses!
Prayer Needs:
  1. Our health, mine has been on the decline lately and I need strength to accomplish this task
  2. Finances for the trip. I'm knowing that Abba Father is footin' the bill on this one!
  3. Organization of every thing to come together for this trip
  4. That Scott will unbelievably be able to set up the meetings with the officials we need to meet with
  5. That God will cross our paths with people we need to meet and can help us in our case
  6. Pathways to be cleared for the kids passports to be issued
  7. For favor beyond our wildest dreams
  8. For bonding with the children to go very smoothly
Well, I better end this post. I'll keep you updated!
P.S. I get to see my kiddos soon!


Melissa said...

Melissa!!! I want to cry, Oh Lord Jesus please make a way for these children to come home. Move on hearts like only you can. Move people into place, give them compassion for these children, and a desire to see them with their family. Father, may they be moved to act on behalf of these children and not greed. Give the officials that will be involved a clear picture of you and who you are. Then and only then Lord will they understand. Father show them your love, show them the hope of Jesus. Father cover all the paperwork, may it be with out error and in all the right places at the right time. I pray you would bless this trip, make it fruitful for your kingdom and your glory. Give Melissa strength and the right words to say. Grant her wisdom, and place people in her path that can and will help get passports for her children. Father it is YOU who sets the lonely in families, it is you who loves these children, it is you that placed them before Melissa and Duane, it is you who called them to care for orphans, it is you Lord who has given the grace to endure and have faith while the enemy would only have unbelief and giving up. Father it is you that began this work and we ask you now Father to finish this great work you began and unite this family. father we know nothing is to difficult for you, you are an amazing unchanging wonder working God. You are the one who spoke and the world came into being, you are the one who split the see so your people could have freedom, you are the one who devised the plan that bought our own freedom and salvation. Truly Lord there is none like you in all the the earth, you alone can do all things Lord. Father, i just ask that you would move in mighty and powerful ways, on behalf of Melissa, Duane, and their children, that your name may be praised throughout all the land.

Melissa said...

PS I am so ahppy for you, your children will be in your arms very soon...and just maybe you will get to meet two people very very dear to me. Hug them for me if you get to see them :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see things are FINALLY moving! I am so looking forward to seeing all of those precious babies home soon! Eli looks wonderful as do all of the other children. Jackie loves to see pictures of his old friends! I will keep checking back..more often now...and keep you all in our prayers as you move forward on Isiah's adoption! Will the other children come home too...soon? Any word...will they stay with you also while you are there?


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