Monday, May 25, 2009

Seeing Allenni and Andrew Again

Allenni and Andrew came up to Brenda's house on Friday afternoon and they had gotten a little taller. At first they were shy but after sometime they warmed up and it was the Allenni and Andrew I remembered. Andrew complained because he didn't like his school and wanted to go to boarding school especially the very big one on the hill which cost $4000 just to register. I explained well, we could put you in boarding school but not that one and you would just have to stay here and not go to America, because once I pay your school fees, you cannot leave. I can either pay money fora plane ticket or pay school fees. No, he said I want to go to America. (I like a male who can reason and see my point of view)
Allenni pulled her silent treatment dead body weight stunt a few times for such things as... well.. the word No.
She'll get over it.
Andrew asked my why I didn't bring him a bicycle. He had sent a message he said by someone over email. I guess I never got it but told him that there was no way we could have gotten it on the airplane, and we definitely can't take one with us back to America.

Andrew and AllenniMe with Andrew and Allenni

Showing them pics from home on my computerAndrew and Allenni and her friend Candy performed a dance for me that they had done recently in church


K. Duane Carter said...

Hey boog! Doing a great job with the blog. I especially like the pictures of you in all of your hotness :). Love ya!!! Duane

Becky Ryder said...

Great updates and answered prayers!! BTW, what guesthouse are you staying at?


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