Monday, May 25, 2009

Isaiah Comes!

Now I wasn't sure about Isaiah's transition to me. I wasn't sure if he would remember me. At first he kept looking at me, "Like I know you" and he didn't even cry when Doreen left. A little Later I kissed him in the mouth like I used to do and it was so cute! His eyebrows went up and he gave me this look, "It is YOU!!!!! I then said to him, "KISS" and he puckered his lips and kissed me and smiled! He remembered me for sure. I couldn't beleive it. WE have been gone a year and he remembered that. From that point on he has been free and I mean free! He laughs and plays and won't stop saying mama! He speaks Luganda to me and says, Mama? Let's go!
He is partially potty trained and has done real well. I learned today how to get him to take a nap. You say, "Go to Sleep" He will lay down, put his thumb in his mouth, close his eyes and be asleep in 10 minutes. He copies words we say or teach him. You should hear him say Maggie. He is so cute. The other night afterhis bath I was putting lotion on him and I squeezed his little bottom and said ," Look at your cute black butt" He immediately said, "Black Butt, Black Butt" Too funny. The other day he shouted out. "Hallelujah!"
He is on the go and you have to keep up with him every second. Though he is walking well, he loses his balance a lot and that kids has bumped his head more times than I can count. He pitched a few temper tantrums yesterday and today but I learned how to stop those. No, I don't give him what he wants, I just firmly say, "STOP" but not in my Southern Alabama draw but in a dignified Queen's English, "STAUP". He just quits.
Well, I could go on and on but you might get bored.

Doreen bringing Isaiah in.

We meet again.

He made it to my lap


Melissa said...

So I'm crying...I love it! Praise the Lord!!

Holly said...

Oh how exciting! Praise the Lord!!

Tina said...

I can only imagine the joy you felt seeing your precious child again after all this time. Praying for your health and praying things move along quickly. God never ceases to amaze me!


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