Monday, May 25, 2009

Meetings today - Monday May 25

Thanks to all of you who kept us in prayer. It was a long day. I will post details tomorrow because I have to get to bed. We have another long day ahead of us and a very important one.
Long story short. We got three things on our list done today. It only took 6 and half hours but that is another whole story waiting to be told.
We ended this day with--
1. documents of Isaiah's guardianship and documents needed to file his passport registered with somebody(don't know who.)
Glorifying God in this because it took us 1 1/2 hours to go 7 miles and when we reached the office, the person was not there and then when john came back to the van, she called him and she was in the parking lot on her way to a meeting. Caught her in the nick of time. And if you know anything about Africa, this is a miracle!
2. Documents for Isaiah's passport got signed off by someone else important while Isaiah and I sat in L.'s office for 4 1/2 hours, while Maggie sat in van parked on the road with two wild kids and a driver in 90 degree weather and 1/2 of the windows wouldn't open. (BET YOU CAN"T WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THAT STORY)
3. We succeeded in getting the VERY IMPORTANT letter from a Mr. Otim that we needed in getting Isaiah's passport. We almost had the same letter for the other two but it was discovered that 1 document was missing. (Now, we have been trying to get this man to sign off on A & A's case for a year and half! and today he was going to do it. ) P.S. I found out this evening that we don't need that paper because the guardianship petition was filed in early 2007 and they didn't require it then. THIS IS MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! We thought for sure that I would have to sit down and be interviewed thoroughly by Mr. Otim. Never even went in the office myself.

Now to get all this done in one day in Africa, well, IS a miracle and I want to publicly praise God and thank him for doing this. This is blowing people's minds here. Our attorney is acting like he has a fire lit under him. It must be the Holy Spirit fanning that flame.

So, tomorrow we file for Isaiah's passport and they are telling me that he will have a passport by Friday this week!
Tomorrow, we also take all three kids to immigration to meet this man who L. has been talking to and speaks positively about honoring court decrees. We will be there around 9-9:30am our time. - 2-3 am yours.
I put on my Facebook that God was about to break down some doors and I believe He did just that today.
Thanks for your prayers!


Janet said...

Oh yes. I remember the infamous "Mr. Otim". We had to have that letter too, only to find out that he wasn't in his office the whole week. So then we had to find someone else who would be willing to sign for him. Except that noone was willing because noone wanted to get in trouble, should things go awry. In the end, the other man signed for him. But it took two days of sitting in a van in 90 degree heat. Oh, yes, I remember it VERY well. Praying for you all!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I love all of your new pics!!!! Such Beautiful children!!!! Praying grace and peace over all of you and for God's MIRACLES to keep happening!!!!!

LucisMomma said...

Please tell Maggie we are praying for her! She is doing a great work with you. What a gem to have her with you!

can't wait to see you and the kids home.

susan w

Live to love and laugh said...

I found your blog from the Riggs and just wanted to let you know I am praying for your family.

sierrasmom said...



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