Sunday, May 24, 2009

God is working!!!!! Continue praying.

Saturday and Sunday , May 23,24
Well since I last wrote about Friday and the meeting at the Attorney's, some interesting things have taken place.
As planned, John went and picked up the files on Saturday and found out that L. (our attorney) had pursued working on them on Friday afternoon. (miracle that he moved that fast)
As you remember, We were going to pursue the cases one at a time and not mix them. That has all changed!
L. went to meet with a high official, I think in the Internal affairs office as well in the immigration office about Isaiah's case and it seems his is pretty much cut and dry and we should have a passport maybe by next week!
He also went to talk to someone else who is a new commissioner in the immigration dept. and without telling details, I can tell you that he agrees with us as far as issuing passports and working with the high court on the older kids cases!!!!
We were planning on me meeting with the Prime Minister about this issue but now it may not be necessary.
This is very interesting to see how God is working. I remember last year as Duane and I were sitting in another attorney's office down and out because the effort had failed again to produce passports. God reminded Duane about an event in US history(which I can't remember at the moment ) and about a biblical event that just as He used the Egyptians who were holding the Isreaelites captive to turn around and set them free with riches, so would He do the same in our situation. He would use the same people who were holding our kids up to set them free.
We didn't fully understand it at the time but I think now I am beginning to see it. I was reminded of it yesterday. Basically we are starting all over and resubmitting their files.

So Saturday morning we took all the kids into town and got passport pictures as well as copies of all the papers in the files for 5 officials. That was our first time out with all the kids and they did fairly well.
Isaiah absolutely loved the stroller, Andrew asked for every toy he saw, pointed out which boarding schools he would rather go to than the one he is at in the village and Allenni gave us silent treatment several times because I told her no and she didn't get her way.

Today, Maggie went to church with one of the girls here while I stayed back with Isaiah. Jet lag has me really tired. Then us and two missionary families went out to lunch at a great Italian restaurant. Isaiah is not one to sit in a chair very long and has pitched several short but loud temper tantrums. For some reason Allenni and Andrew did not come up to the house today. They start back to school tomorrow, but will skip it because they have to go into town with us to be interviewed by immigration.
They will continue to live where they are at until next week and then will move in with us as we move to a bigger room. Right now we are staying in room with a bath on the compound of the missionaries.
Next week we will move in with them.
NO CLIMBING UP THE MOUNTAIN TO GET MY MEALS 3 times a day!!! Hallelujah!

So tomorrow, on Monday, we have meetings at immigration with several people.
Our meetings are scheduled from 8am - 10am. so if you are on central time that means it will be 1-3am your time tonight, Eastern- 2-4am. I'm not asking you to stay up but pray before you sleep. I have real peace about all this and am excited to see how God is going to do this!!!
We will let you know.


Becky Ryder said...

Praying for you! I love it how kids are all the same no matter what culture:)


I will pray before I fall asleep and if I wake up in the middle of the night I will pray then!! All sounds good!
jen in mi

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Absolutely!!!! I am claiming these beautiful children in the name of Christ to be able to come HOME with you soon. That all you do will be even more Blessed than anyone expects. That all will go well, that your health, and your children's health will be great and you will all be home together as a family!!!!!! Praise God. So glad to hear your amazing news so far....excited about hearing more!!!

Laurel said...

Just found your blog and look forward to following your journey.

I just returned from Ghana, after walking through an adoption nightmare with a friend. So, your stories sound way too familiar.

As we were praying one night, my friend saw a picture of the "missing" passport, tied up in chains. After that, we prayed specifically that the chains would be broken. I will pray that for your situation, also.

Many blessings,

mama of 13


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