Sunday, March 15, 2009


I finally finished my painting I had been working on for months! I've only been able to work on it for one day a month when I go to art class but found some time at home here and there last week to get it completely finished. The painting started out really not knowing where it was going but ended up beautifully. I love it when God brings something together like this. Much prayer and thought go into my paintings as I ponder what message I want to give.

ABOUT THE PAINTING: This painting reflects two Ugandan orphan girls who have nothing left, not even a strand of hope. They represent the girls who are child heads of households with no parents alive to care for them. The ones who fear being raped and violated by those who don't care and see them only as a means of being healed of AIDS in their ghastly belief that virgins will heal their AIDS. The ones who watch their families die off because of malaria, starvation and AIDS. The ones who feel the pain of hunger in their stomachs and see their siblings wasting away. But somewhere deep inside, there is an inner strength, an inner beauty. There is the Dignity of a Lion, the Strength of an Elephant and the Steadfastness of a Rhinoceros that perseveres and plunges through it all to Live. TO HOLD ON until help comes. Somewhere deep inside they DO HOPE that life will change and that help will come. That the Lion of Judah will roar and awake his people to come to their aid. Do you hear the roar? "INNER STRENGTH"
copyright 2009

Duane wrote this poem about the painting:

The Strength Within

All of the world sees us as weak, sick and poor
In fact, we are not even within their view
We cannot even enter into the door
Of happiness and dreams, of goodness and new

Everything rages against us: our age, our gender, our color, our tribe
No one can see what is truly inside
A place where the Spirit of God Himself resides
His colors so rich and majestic they glide
Their mists go forth with a wind and a pride
That draws us up close to the Great Lion’s side

He dreams for us.
He shows us the way.
He puts us forth as beauty in His great work’s display
And no one cares to see it

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