Friday, March 13, 2009

Email sent out on March 13, 2009- update

Email sent out March 13, 2009
Dear friends and family,
there was no word today about Isaiah's passport and since it is late at night there, I assume we will not hear anything until Monday. There was supposed to be a meeting with the attorney liaison today. We still wait in HOPE that we will hear positive news in the next few days that will allow us to make travel plans to pick up our sweet children.

I have had to move my address book from one computer to another and lost some and mixed up some so:
*If you are on this mailing list and do not want to be please let me know.
*If you are getting double emails, please let me know.
*If you are receiving an email at the wrong address and you want it sent somewhere else, please let me know.

You can receive automatic updates of our family and adoption if you go to my blog at and either subscribe to the blog or become a follower.

Good news!
Our friends, whom we met in China adopting Eli and who put us in touch with people who led us to Allenni, Andrew, and Isaiah are adopting from Uganda! They are traveling there in about 2 weeks and have told us they will take a care package to them.
I hope I am following , not long after!

Thanks for all the prayer support and emails you have sent. It is very encouraging to us!
We love you and thank God upon every remembrance of you!
Melissa and Duane

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