Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, today is my birthday but not what you might think. I wasn't physically born on this day; that happened one day in early June. I was spiritually born this day back in 1976. I remember the day very clearly. I was six years old and asked my mother a question as my heart was real burdened. I loved Jesus and I didn't want him to be sad because I hadn't asked him into my heart. So that day after school , my mom explained to me about salvation and I asked Jesus into my heart. I can't believe it has been this many years! Through all of these years, there have been many rough places in my christian walk but God has always brought me back to Himself and pulled me into a deeper relationship with him. I think over these past several years He has revealed himself to be my only way to live. He has shown me what it is to live and to live abundantly. To not be religious or legalistic but to truly be in a relationship with him. It is actually very hard to explain to another person. It is as if the only way to explan it to you is to take you by the arm and dive deep with you into my soul and spirit so you can see with your own eyes what is there, what I am experiencing with God my Father, Jesus my friend and The Holy Spirit , my guide. I want others to know this true life but I find myself verbalizing it inadequately. It is not that my life over the past several years has been the best go lucky, laid back life at all, in fact it has been probably the worst of my 39 years but there in those dark places, God shone his light and taught me that He was My Defender, My Deliverer, My Healer, My Strong Tower, My Mighty Fortress, My Sustainer, My Lover of my Soul, My Daddy, My Identity, My God.
He never once failed me but brought me broken into his arms of repair. I am in Awe everyday that I am loved. So, Happy Birthday to me! My Abba loves me!


Christine said...

Awesome post! Happy reBirth-day!

Tina said...

What a beautiful post, you have brought me to tears with your description of your relatioship with our Heavenly Father. We should all long for such an intimate relationship with Him! Happy BIRTHday to you.

Janet said...

HAPPY, Happy birthday!!!!!!


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