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In Awe

Well, I promised I would share some stories with you about what others did during our weekend of fasting and prayer for Allenni, Andrew, and Isaiah. As you recall we did an Isaiah 58 fast instead of the typical "no food fast". It really blessed my heart to see people go beyond themselves at the same time as they remembered our family and other orphans not able to come home to their families. Thank you to EVERYONE who Prayed during this weekend. We love you! Please share your stories with us at

We got this word after the weekend of prayer .... It was a glimmer of hope for us that As God was releasing passports for others that Ours would be released.

"Some of you may remember that we have been waiting on passports to come out of Ghana for our 3 boys. (We've been waiting since November) We found out today that we have 2 of the 3 passports. If anyone is willing to join us in prayer for that last one, we'd really appreciate it. Thanks! Amy in Indiana"

Then this one:

Dear Duane & Melissa, It is late, but I wanted you to know that I was with you in spirit all weekend, and hope that all the prayers that have come your way have brought you peace. "This afternoon I made a trip to see a former colleague who is critically ill, and spent several hours keeping her company. She has been having panic attacks, and hates to be alone, so I bakes a pie and took it over to her. It had been several months since I had visited, so I am glad I went for many reasons. But as I drove I thought of you and your family, and asked God to grant all of you His grace; the patience to wait without anguish; and peace to know and accept His will in your lives, whatever it may be. As this day comes to a close, I hope you sleep well, serene in His care. Susan

This note is from a lady I met online through someone else who has been in Cambodia for the past 3 years trying to secure VISAS from the USA to bring her kids home. I AM ASKING YOU TO REMEMBER KERRI AND HER FAMILY AS THIS IS VERY HARD ON THEM. THOSE KIDS NEED TO GO HOME AND THE WHOLE FAMILY NEEDS TO BE IN ONE PLACE.

"Been praying for your kids today and yesterday. Hope God turns up and does something big for you guys. Today we took some used out grown kids clothes to an orphanage. I took some cakes, noodles, and milk for each kid. I gave them enough money to buy an egg for each kid so they could have noodle soup with an egg a cake and a carton of milk for dinner. When I arrived the kids were on the floor having a Bible lesson. They ended up in prayer. The kids called out to Jesus and prayed their little hearts out (some with hands raised). I was so overwhelmed that I did not get a picture of that but I got video of them saying the Lord's prayer. I am going to try to send it through. When they finished praying they came up and said hi and I told them what I had brought. The guy told me they have enough rice to make it tonight, and all day tomorrow. They have 22 kids and a 3 caregivers. I was telling the story to a fellow adoptive mom who gave me enough money to buy half a bag of rice for them. I have been wanting to try to do more for them but things are very tight for us. I have a couple of still pics and this video I will try to attach. Thanks for the challenge. It was a fun day. It was so precious to see the kids praying like that..." KERRI
Another note from Kerri:

Today we shared some play time with another group of orphans as we do every Sat. I am praying for passports for your kids. I know it must be so hard to be separated from them. Noni is in US having some medical stuff done. She has lots of issues and needed some new medication. I hope she can also have surgery on an eye but not sure that will happen. Please remember to pray for us. I have been in Cambodia 3 years and 2 months. I have a pending visa request.
The adoptive Mom who donated to help buy rice
The kids in Bible story time

The kids receiving their milk and cake!

Another friend of ours who are missionaries in Thailand sent this to us to tell what their family did.

"Jason and Anna Cole are in Pattaya with an XP team doing street evangelism in the bars. I can't believe I let my 12 year old daughter go. In September when we were there I thought what a horrible place when no child should ever be. I had never seen so much open sin before or I can't describe it. Anyway, God spoke to me first about Anna going. He knew I needed process time. I asked Anna about it and she told me she had been asking God to send her. She has such an innocence & pure heart that she is able to speak with ease to the bar girls, who in reality aren't much older than her. I talked to a 12 year old in September. Anyway, y'all can pray for us this week too.
We wanted y'all to know this is an awesome way of getting people involved. We are so excited to hear how God uses this. We are praying and asking God for you to hear good news during this time."
Sarah Ann

Another one:
Thanks for including my friend and all of the other Vietnam families! There was a conference call held yesterday and it was encouraging.



Definitely praying and fasting for the kids--our prayers here at work have been answered Tim & Tina H got their travel approval to go get lil Reed in China !!!!! We are estatic to say the least--
and today our Aiden turned "2" God is soooo good !!!!!

Believing for you !!

Blessings to all the Carters !!!
Love ya,

Another one.....

Praying for you Carter family!
In just four days, people provided 120,000 meals to children in Ethiopia and Swaziland. We've received at least $13,125 toward this project, and we are so extraordinarily grateful for your generous response. You did it! Mission Accomplished!

These meals will keep thousands of kids alive and participating in Children's HopeChest programs to help them with education, healthcare, and Christian discipleship.

I'll continue to provide updates as I get them. Until then, please continue to pray for these shipments. There are a variety of logistical hurdles to jump, so please pray for a smooth delivery.

I want to invite you to consider another opportunity with Children's HopeChest.

This year, HopeChest is looking to double the number of sponsors in our program. If you want to start a life-changing relationship with a young orphaned child in Russia, Swaziland, Ethiopia, or Uganda, please consider signing up today. All of the details are on our Web site. CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR A CHILD.

Thank you so much for your participation and your continued prayers.

Tom Davis

Another from Sharon:

" I prayed for your family and was thinking and praying for what God would have me do that weekend. Well I don't blog but I follow a couple of blogs regularly and I went to Angie Smith's blog Bring The Rain and there is a button there for Compassion International to sponsor a child because she is going on a mission trip to India (I believe)

Anyway, it hit me! Okay God I know this is what you want me to do! So Grace, my 9 year old daughter picked a little girl and we are sponsoring her. Then Grace says mom, if you want to sponsor another one I'll give part of my allowance ♥ . So that is my story and I hope you guys have all of your family together soon.

And even though I don't know you, as a mother my heart goes out to you as I can only imagine how difficult this time has been."


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