Friday, January 30, 2009

What is it about Wet Cement?

What about wet cement pulls you to it that you have to make your mark in it. They poured the foundation and so Yancy promised the boys they could put their names in it after it dried to a certain point. I had been gone for most of the day so didn't know this and when I pulled into the driveway, I saw Eli laying on his stomach patiently watching the cement dry. From my point of view it looked like he had his whole arm down in the cement! When I got out of my van , he yells, "I am checking it!, It is not dry!" Call us crazy but Duane and I decided that since there was wet cement and it was a foundation that we would write several bible verses and place them in the foundation of the house to be symbolic for our family that we would always praise the Lord. Then Duane got a stick and wrote Melissa Loves Duane 4 ever! How sweet is that? BUT... You know what he did? He spelled my name wrong! I had to get him a shovel to "erase" my misspelled name so he could write it properly. And... The builders thought I wrote the phrase because Melissa was first. My husband...! He's so sly!

The foundation for the new garage is poured and it is calling our names!
Graham sticking one bible verse in the corner
Duane writing his love note
Yep, it is spelled right!
Eli writing his name
Eli and Me putting in another verse
Eli covering up where the verse went in
Graham's signature
Eli's finished work of art
Duane climbing up to get a peek

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