Friday, January 30, 2009

Ben Falls Through the Roof!

The progress on the house is going very well from what I can tell. They have it all in the dry and now are working on the inside putting in walls.
The other day I was in the library and heard this crash. Here comes Ben through the living room ceiling! Fortunately, he caught himself and didn't land on the floor but he sure was sore for the next couple of days.
How did he fall you might ask? Well, he was up in the work area after he had been told not to be by me and before his chores were finished. He was walking in an area where no flooring had been put down and therefore he slipped between the rafters and came crashing down. Lucky for him, I am sometimes nice and didn't punish him further. He was quite proud of the hole he made and now has a near death experience to talk about to everyone he meets. Lucky for him as well was the fact that that ceiling is going to be torn out as my vaulted ceilings will take their place.

We joked that either Santa Clause was really early and didn't know where the chimney was or an Angel burst through! Ben laughed and with a big grin said he was an angel

When Ben fell all the insulation came with him. What a mess! I coughed for 2 days!
Look how proud he is of the hole.

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