Thursday, January 29, 2009

I got tagged!

I got tagged on Facebook, and had fun filling out this and thought I would share with you some things about me on my blog.

1. I am a twin and am the oldest by 3 minutes
2. Before I was 18 I had moved 23 times
3. I am a missionary kid and spent ages 11-18 in Ghana and Ivory Coast Africa and Quebec, Canada
4. I tend to be a control freak though I have greatly improved over the last few years not to be.
5. I loooooveeee Dark Chocolate
6. I didn't start painting watercolors until I was age 34
7. I once snuck out of the dorm (at a conservative christian University) with my roommate Jen with our pants rolled up under our coats(pants were illegal out of the dorm) and chopped down a small christmas tree in a park with a pocket knife and put it in our dorm room.
8. I took voice lessons when I was 16.
9. I once broke up with a long time boyfriend in college and made a list of 8 guys I wanted to go out with and asked God to let it happen. I told nobody about the list except God. With in a week, I had dates lined up with all of them and I didn't ask.
10. I am an expert sugar artist
11. I secretly want to be Martha Stewart when I grow up(except the jail part)
12. I love creating new recipes and cooking gourmet
13. I have killed an african viper and 5ft cotton mouth with a piece of wood.
14. I have lived the longest in Florence, AL than I have ever lived anywhere else
15. I have 9 kids from all over the world, Bulgaria, Romania, China, USA, and Uganda
16. I have a passion for orphans
17. I never had a close girlfriend until age 39
18. I have an IQ almost as high as my husbands and am equally left and right brained.
19. Sometimes I want to get away from my children
20. I ran my own catering, cafe and bakery business for 3 years
21. I had severe fibromyalgia for 13 years and now am healed from it with no symptoms
22. I deeply and truely love my husband
23. I love CSI
24.In retrospect, I should have gone to Culinary school instead of pursuing elementary education
25. My favorite quote is "Those who say it can't be done should stop interrupting the people doing it"


MissMeliss said...

Love your list!! I, too, am a twin. :) 15 minutes apart with us. My daughter is from China, and I want to adopt again...just not sure where from yet. I also LOVE dark chocolate. Oh, and coffee. :)


Janet said...

You have had a very interesting life! I also LOVE dark chocolate, BTW. :-)


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