Thursday, January 29, 2009

God Sends a Cheery Note

Our Hi today (Melissa)
In the last couple of days God sent some little surprises my way and I wanted to share them here. Yesterday, I received a Christmas card from my very good friend Mukisa Richard in Uganda. Richard became like my brother while I was in Uganda and was always a great source of encouragement to me. Again on the date that I was feeling a little down missing the kids because it was the anniversary of their gotcha day, I received encouragement from my brother across the ocean. Today As I opened my email, I found the pictures attached below. John was another friend I made and a great help while in Uganda with many things. He proudly completed Bible School and is continuing his education towards being a lawyer. He wants to help kids who are less fortunate. John has a awesome story himself and is proof that God does take care of the orphan.

Allenni, John and Andrew

John in his graduation gown

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