Friday, January 30, 2009

The bones of the house

Now we are living in the house while all of this is being done above us and actually nothing has really bothered me even with all the sawing and hammering. I am amazed that Yancy has benn able to take down and cut away without much ado. He must be a genius or something!
i have been sick these last couple of days but sent Ben up with the camera and am not exactly sure what these are pics of.

This must be the wiring box. duh! While Yancy was working on this, Ben would occasionally come screaming through the house, If the power goes off DO NOT FLIP THE SWITCH IN THE BOX DOWNSTAIRS!!! YOU MIGHT ELECTROCUTE YANCY!!! WE DON"T WANT HIM TO DIE! ...
"Uh, ok." (You all must get to know Ben sometime) :)
( Just think Cramer running into Seinfeild's apt.)

Ben says this is a shower, therefore I guess that is why Steve is demonstrating

Bedroom wall that overlooks the area where my living room ceiling will rise
A wall near the stair landing

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