Monday, November 17, 2008

Here is Isaiah!

I got to start my Monday with beautiful pictures of my baby!
Yes, these pictures of Isaiah arrived bright and early today. Look how big he is getting! It also looks like he is walking and standing on his own pretty well. What a miracle this child is. Who would have thought he would have been walking already? How awesome is our God! Oh, how I want to scoop them all up and just whisk them home! Pray now for that news. That would be my greatest joy!


Lora said...

He's such a sweetie!!

Christine said...

Yes, he is adorable. You are blessed.

Janet said...

Oh, LOOK AT HIM! He is soooo sweet!

Gaunt Family said...

Oh what a precious little one. I know God is walking right beside you & when it happens it will not be late by a single day...enjoy the excitement I know you are feeling today!


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