Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meet our dogs

This is Sassy. The photo is not very good because she moves a lot and it was taken with my cell phone. She came to us recently and is Maggie's dog. She is a chocolate Scottie. A lady called us up who was a friend of our in-laws and asked us if we would take the dog. We debated but finally said yes. He original name was Sachel but after living with for a few days we changed it to Sassy. Which is what she is.
Remember the story of how she bit me? She wants what she wants when she wants it. She totally disdained the other dogs when she got here and we had many dog fights and blood. Nathaniel lost the tip of his thumb, Graham lost part of his fingernail and I of course had a big gash in my leg and hand torn up. But like any child needing love unconditionally we persisted and she is settling down some. Boo still curls his lip at her when she comes around but the dog fight have lessened. She is hyper and gets stressed at the slightest change. But now she is a Carter.
Boo is our fluffy Shitzhu/Dauschund mix. Someone called us to take him after their dog wouldn't get along with him as a puppy. Boo is Seora's dog pretty much. She baby's him like he were the only thing that mattered in the world. I know she sneaks him food and talks baby talk to him. (They just think I don't know!) Everytime we turn around they are kissing each other! Boo is pretty jealous of Seora and the other dogs don't bother him too much. Except Sassy.
Boo's special need is that he is terrified of dryer's. The previous owners little girl threww him in one day and tossed him. Now he is mentaly distraught when one comes on.
Boo has been instrumental in Seora's
Meet Midnight. She is our black lab. I guess Midnight came to us almost 2 years ago. She was dropped off at my in laws house 2 towns over and they tried for 2 weeks to find the owner. Graham pleaded with us to keep her. I relented under the condition that she was an outside dog. Yeah right! How long do you think that lasted? After being hit by cars three times and ME nursing her back to health and hauling her to the vet and back, I sort of secretly got attached to her. (SHHHHHH!!! Don't tell anybody) So now she thinks she is a big baby and owns the couch. She really is a good dog and is afraid of the water.
Millie, our Daushund is my baby. We have about worn her out bringing puppies into the house. She gets mad at us for about a week and then decides to mother them. Besides the other three we have, we have had two Basset hounds which have died from weird things and getting hit by the UPS man. Anyway Millie came to us by way of the paper when Ben and Nathaniel were little. Even though we got her from a breeder, she was not wanted because of her defects. Everything a breed Daushund could have wrong with her, she had it. WE loved her anyway and when we went to have her fixed, found out afterwards that she had been pregnant. It broke our hearts.
Millie is sweet and has been hit by cars two times. Though she originally clung to me, she now prefers Duane over all of us. She is not a morning dog and pretends to still be asleep when we go to let the dogs out of the laundry room in the mornings. She will finally decide to go out around 9:30 or 10am. She is starting to turn gray and is getting slow but runs this household for certain.
Please don't call us to take any of your animals, I really don't think I can handle another personality at the moment.

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