Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trip to the Pumkin Patch- The Cotton Field

Graham and Eli in the cotton field

We went yesterday to the Pumkin Patch with our homeschool co-op and I just took the younger two. It was fun to have special time with just two of the kids and not have to let my mind go int 15 different directions on a trip.

Graham with William and Parker Daniil
Graham being goofy and pretending that the cotton is just right to clean his face.
Graham also made the comment that it was cool how his shirt came from a plant.
Eli being very careful not to get his hand pricked. He had a blast.
See my cotton?

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Kelly & Matt said...

Loved the pictures!Your have a beautiful family. I saw your comment on pur blog about AGCI.. Matt and I (not sure how that amp thing gets into my id label)are using CCAI as our agency.

Have a great weekend!


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