Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WARNING!!! this post has a link which is graphic.

The topic of abortion has really risen in this election and I can no longer keep silent myself. My husband and I have always been advocates for the unborn but in a more non verbal way really. We have always been supporters of those advocating the right to life and of course adoption. Today I am stepping out further and posting a video that shows babies that have been aborted. They had no voice or chance to live life as God intended them to.
No one ever gave them the chance to have a family.
God has called Duane and I to help defend the fatherless, the helpless and the weak and these babies had no father, no help and were very weak.
One million babies are aborted every year. That is ridiculous! It is horrendous!
How can we support a candidate for president who will allow this to happen more frequently?
Life is of God. Death is of satan. Which will you defend?
Click here to watch the video. I pray you will be moved to step up to the plate and voice your vote for
Please be warned this is the most graphic video I have ever seen but it is truth.

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