Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Friday! It's Friday! -- I'm the Best Mom Ever! PART 3

After leaving the park, we headed to the skating rink to meet all the other homeschoolers and when we got there we wondered immediately if it had been canceled. Graham ran in and said it hadn't. I parked and we trotted into the rink to find one other family there.
No one else showed up. Graham couldn't get the "just right" skate so he switched his skates a few times and by the third time he asked me to go change them. The teen at the skate booth had told him she wasn't changing any more skates for him. He thought that was rude and did not want to confront her again so he recruited mom. You know, it wasn't like the place was overflowing with kids exchanging their skates and she was fed up with it.
So off I go and wait and wait and wait and wait for someone to come to the booth. No one showed so I went up to the front desk, no one there either, not even after I said, "Helllooooo"
Finally, a guy walked in from outside and I got the skates exchanged. So after Graham spending 30 minutes to get the right skates, he started skating. About 20 minutes later the other family got a call and had to leave. So, We had the whole skating rink to ourselves.
Now you would think the kids would have been absolutely thrilled that their mom rented the whole skating rink just for them.(At least I tried to make them think I did) HA! But Alas they got bored and we finally bailed out before our time was up and left as well.
So, I told the kids in the car, See, I think I am the best mom ever! What other mom would rent the rink just for her kids on a Friday?
I think I saw some of them roll their eyes in the rear view mirror.

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