Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Friday! It's Friday!, THE ORPHAN CAT, part 2

Will you take me home?

The Orphan Cat

Seora, Maggie and Me


Nathaniel, Seora, Maggie, Graham, Ben and Eli

Well, here it is and another Friday has passed and I haven't even finished telling you about last Friday! So I will attempt to do that now.
On the last post, we were leaving the library.
It was about lunch time and so we headed over to the new park near the Tennessee River. The weather couldn't have been nicer. We arrived at the park and pulled out our lunch
as we had a little over an hour before
the skating rink opened for homeschool skate day. It being a school day, the park was completely empty.
It was then that we saw it! The little kitten that someone had dropped off at the park in hopes that a family would find it and take it home. We knew someone had dropped it off because there was a torn open box of cat food laying on the rock. She was really cute and really was one of the prettiest kittens I had ever seen. She was yellow striped and had the prettiest eyes.
Now, I am not a cat person by any means but I am an orphan person so this really put me in a dilemma. What am I going to do with this cat? Graham who I am certain is an animal whisperer, started begging," mom, what are we gonna do? We need to take it home! "
Me -"No!! No Cats!, We have too many pets.
G- But mom, look it likes me!
Me - no! we can't, our dogs will kill it.
G - Can we take it to the pound?
Me- No! they get too many cats, they'll kill it. Besides it is too far away, we don't have time.
G- We have to take it home.
Me - We can't , we are not going home for another 3 hours
G- mom, she is so cute, Call dad.
Me- I call Duane knowing full well what he is going to say, but know it will give me ammunition to support my case.
Me-- Hey Hon, We found this cat at the park and...
D- no! Do not bring that cat home. Melissa are you crazy. what would we do with a cat?
Me- Well, someone dropped it off and now it doesn't have a home. it is an orphan.
D- Melissa, you are not bringing that cat home. We have two boys with Asthma and as a pediatrician, I am telling you they cannot have a cat.
Me- Well, ok, but what i am I going to do? I can't leave it.
D- Take it to the pound.
Me- it will die and it is too far away.
D- what ever you do, Do not bring that cat home.
Me to kids. -- Dad says we can't bring the cat home.
They all sigh and look despondent.
Then Graham says lets call Leila,(Duane's sister who lives in Chattanooga , who is a cat lover and has several of them) she'll know what to do!
I nixed that idea because I knew she would force me from that many miles away to not leave that cat.
This whole time the poor little kitten was enjoying all the attention and was being fed cheese and turkey and kept coming to me and whining.(Do cats whine?) I tried to ignore her but she was cute.
I sat there thinking about what to do and finally had a thought that was worthwhile and I shared it with the kids.
It was soon going to be 3pm and that meant that there would be some parents who would bring their kids to play and therefore there would be more prospective families for the kitten. We were not the chosen family. But to show how much I cared, I got a plate and filled it with water from my water bottle(now the kids know I love my water and don't just give it up for nothing) and put it in the shade. We then prayed that the kitten would be safe and a family would find her.
We drove out of the parking lot a little saddened at leaving her behind and we think she was sad too because she ran after us and whined as we got in out van.

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