Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Friday! It's Saturday! YARD SALE!!! PART 4

Yard sale stuff
Eli demonstrating how the piano works
Boo found our flower pot to chill out in

Well, As you can imagine, we came home from the day pretty tired. But as we drove into our neighborhood, we counted at least 10 yardsales that were going to be happening on Saturday.
Now I have been decluttering the house now for about 3 months and have been boxing yard sale stuff up and storing it til we had one hopefully in a few weeks. Being the thrifty person that I am, I thought, "Hey, I could have a yard sale and not have to advertise!"
So, I asked the kids,"Who wants to help me set up for a yard sale? I still had 4 rooms to clean out but we had plenty of stuff. I have the best kids! They were great helpers. I talked Duane into helping us bring the boxes up from the basement garage and with all of us working we pretty much got all of it out in 4 hours. We sold a few pieces of furniture while we were putting it out. Maggie and I stayed up a little longer as we found a couple of boxes that did not already have prices. Ben and I ran down the road and posted a sign.
Have you ever tried to roll an upright antique piano up a hill in the dark?
Well, let me tell you, it was sort of hard. but The boys and I did it and rolled it into the garage for overnight. Finally at midnight, maggie and I rolled into bed and set our alarms for 5am. It came way too early.
We got up, uncovered stuff and waited. One person came around 6am. Finally around 9, I was wondering where the people were. I could see masses down the road.
Duane had gone to meet with friends for breakfast and when he came back, he said where was your sign? They don't know about you.
So the Carter family flew into action!
We quickly got some poster boards and markers and made 3 signs. Ben went and taped them to neighbor's mailboxes(After permission of course) and Graham taped one to his bike and rode around the other yard sales so people could see it. (He thought of that idea by himself)
Finally, about 10:30am people started coming. We started selling. Even though it did not look like we sold much we did pretty good. We pulled all of it inside the garage for next week and I am hoping that I can get those 4 rooms declutterd before then. I did place an ad for this next weeks' sale. Sometimes thrifty doesn't work out for the best.
Any body need rubber stamps for scrapbooking? I am getting rid of my whole collection of over three hundred. Shoot me an email at

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Julie said...

Rubber stamps sell GREAT on ebay if you don't mind taking the time. If they are single stamps I usually group them in sets of 6-8 that make sense and sell them as a lot.


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