Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hoping to Hear from Africa this week

I haven't posted much on my blog lately except pictures. It has been quiet busy around here. But isn't everyday? After vacation it is a little hard to get back in sync but I think we did a pretty good job. I started this blog post a few days ago but never got around to finishing it. We have waited for a week to hear that we could make plans to travel to Uganda but as of yesterday did not hear anything.
Though I am not anxious, my heart is beginning to ache to have them home. They are missing. It is weird in a sense though. Even though they have not stepped foot in this house, it feels like we have people missing. There are three seats at the table that are empty. There are three beds that are empty. There are dresses, pants and shirts hanging in the closet unused. There are toys not being played with and Eli asks for somebody to play with EVERY day. There are three seats in a 15 passenger van that are empty.
Up until recently, it has not felt like this at all. We have not really missed what or who has not been here, but now our hearts long for them and know that pieces of us are missing. I daydream of the meeting of the reunion with them and I envision when we step foot into the airport and America, Family and Belonging become reality for Allenni, Andrew and Isaiah.
I have been holding onto the promise that "surely goodness and mercy will follow me" and declare it over my children. For where God's goodness is, miracles happen. And I believe, a miracle is about to happen for those kids and us.

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