Monday, September 29, 2008

No Word Today.

Well, No word came today from Africa. Please continue to pray. I know God is working on our behalf. We are ready to get them home!
I am on facebook now so ...if you want to be my friend..........
You can look me up with the name melissa carter. Just be sure to put the note, Blog reader so I will know you are my friend. smile. I really do need to do some blogging but just haven't had the time to.
I will admit that I have felt a little stressed these last few days. My kids don't seem to take me serious about school this year. though they are doing pretty good on some fronts, they don't seem to understand what an assignment due date means. ugh!
We had a family meeting which is our custom to do on Monday nights and AGAIN laid out the problems and the easy solutions. So maybe this time it will sink in. (I hope)
I'll get over it and we will move on.
I have been having a little fun finding old friends on facebook. People from College that I have wondered about for years and old childhood friends I grew up with in Africa have finally gotten in touch with them. It is great!
You have to make yourself get off.
I have also been painting and hope to have a new painting finished this week.
Pretty soon I will have some christmas ornaments available that will profit a couple of organizations. So keep your eyes out for the announcements. I have also been revamping my Melissa Carter Creations site so if you get a chance check it out.
I better get to bed because I have to get up very early to take the kids to their co-op classes.

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Janet said...

OH.....I'm going to look you up on Facebook! :-)


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