Saturday, August 16, 2008


My husband Duane is a great writer and from time to time I will be sharing his poetry with you. You can click over to his website on the link below.


I am the face of an orphan

As you can see, my world has been shattered

My dreams are broken; in fact I don’t know what dreams are

My fears keep me closed inside all the time so I cannot see the stars

I know you see pictures of me and feel pity and sadness

Yet I need more

I need you to come and begin mending the pieces together again

I need you to free me so I can run with my friends

I need Love to show up in my life and begin putting it all back together for me

I need to be free. I need to be free.

I need someone who cares enough for me

That they will release me into my destiny

And in the process find their own.

When are you coming? Every day I grow

When are you coming so Love I will know?

Look here through the glass, look into my eyes

See the greater the sacrifice, then the greater the prize

Come and release me into my destiny

When you do you find your own by setting Love free

kdc 2-2-08


Melissa said...

Beautiful, and terrible all at the same time. Oh, how I wish they ALL had families. It is possible, if only people would step up and take the risk. A risk I am positive they would never regret.

This is Melissa from Pearls From Africa, please email me so we can chat, and I can tell you what I know about obtaining passports, so those babies can come home.

Janet said...

Sigh. That makes me want to cry!!! It was beautiful!!!!


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