Thursday, August 21, 2008

Footnote to Previous post on Attacment

Well, This week has been busy. There are several reasons why I have been silent for several days but maybe after you read these next two blog posts you will understand why. In honesty, writing the 5 part blog on Older Child Attachment, really drained me emotionally and physically as well. That may sound weird but I guess I brought some past pain and hard times to the surface and it was emotional. I think it is also part of the healing process. Writing it all down was therapeutic for me as well. It really made me look at where God has brought all of us in this family. If by telling our story, we can help another family, then by all means, we will do it. There is hope and life. My heart hurts for every family out there who is going through hard times with their adoptive children. I know YOU. I AM YOU. I have been and still am in your shoes. I am praying for you. Please know that. One Day our orphans will realize that they are no longer orphans but sons and daughters.

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