Thursday, July 10, 2008

Words from Melissa

Words from Melissa

Melissa is still in Africa and her internet is not working. I am copying some posts she sent me to share on her blog. She also included pictures, but I could not pull those up. Sorry about that. Continue to pray for Melissa and her family here and in Africa!

More of How you know you have been in Africa a Long Time

1. When you start calling big trucks Lori’s

2. When you start breaking the que. Jumping the line.

3. When your husband starts emailing and saying sweet nothings to you.

4. You really consider if the flying ants that the kids bring to you to eat might really be good covered in Chocolate

5. When instead of an alarm clock you base what time it is on the Muslim prayer call, the children singing at the school and the rooster by your window

6. When you have watched the Maribou Storks outside of the KLM airlines office raise their young

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