Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday and Wed. March 25,26

Tuesday and Wed. march 25 and 26

Tuesday and Wednesday March 25 and 26

Tuesday was a pretty good day despite that Andrew gave me a run for my money. Thank God he gave me grace to deal with him. By the end of the day he had apologized and all was good. Allenni carried Isaiah around on her back and they had a blast. Andrew was jealous of it all but was in a bad attitude so I didn’t let him get hold of Isaiah. Isaiah was great all day and laughed for the most part. You can tell he really feels better and is growing. We are going to transition him this week to the Foster home so he will get used to Mama Beatrice and it won’t be a sudden cut off from me. they were supposed to take him yesterday but it didn’t work out. Since he didn’t take a nap, I had hoped he would sleep all night.
He did go to bed at 8:30pm and the kids and I watched a movie we found here at the compound. Home Alone. They thought it was pretty funny. At 10pm Isaiah woke up and decided he was done for sleeping that night. I was fighting a migraine from a sinus infection I had as well as dealing with GERD because I have run out of my medication. Needless to say, it was a miserable night. Isaiah on the other hand was having a good time. He was singing and cooing and clapping his hands and kissing me! We went sown to the kitchen 3 times to eat. (He ate). Finally at 6am he went to sleep but woke up at 8am because the other kids woke up! Of course he was happy and singing. I on the other hand was miserable. I was aching from head to toe. Muscle pain and joint pain and my head and stomach and kidneys flet like someone was kicking them. I barely made it down stairs and got Isaiah some food and made me a cup of hot tea. I then laid down on the table hardly able to move. I wasn’t sure if I was coming down with malaria or not. I was praying for God to help me. I was supposed to go into town to the attorney’s office and at this point wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to. Esther came in and worried about me. She told me to go lay down on the couch which I did. Justine one of the college ladies came to babysit the kids and saw me on the couch and asked what was wrong. I explained and without saying anything, she dropped to her knees and started praying for me. As she prayed, the pain started disappearing. She looked at me and said. Let God heal you. Go rest, I am here with the kids. So I went up to my room and lay down for about 20 minutes until Richard came. Within an hour of her praying I was totally better!
God is an awesome God!!!! So Richard took me into town to run my errands and this was the first time I had been out by myself with no kids. So, I had Richard drive me around where I wanted to go. We went to the Attorney’s first and after waiting about 40 minutes , I saw him and he handed over to me our documents of our court decrees and such. I am with Scott’s help going to try to get the passports out this week. Scott and Brenda have gone above their call to aid me. I am overwhelmed at their love.
After that we headed to the only place we have been able to find soy milk, The Embassy Supermarket. I cleaned off the shelf, (12 liters) (the milk here is in cardboard boxes without refrigeration)
And a guy in there asked me if I would like more??! Sure, if you have more, I responded. I got three more. Now the thing about this is that each box cost about $6 a liter. I am thankful that Isaiah is not on it for every feeding. Thank goodness he eats table food.
I got a supply for Beatrice to have. I picked up a few other items such as deodorant and toothpaste (Well, you gotta have them) and we checked out. We then headed to the pharmacy in search of prevacid or Omeprazole. Wonderfully we found it! allenni had been getting sick again with a wet cough and I had run out of decongestant for her so hthey had that too. Amazingly you can just walk up without a prescription and get prescription meds here.
I was hungry, and they had the neatest outdoor French restaurant so I decided to eat there. I invited Richard and he grinned the whole time. It was a little fancy and as he had never been exposed to this kind of food, I helped him pick out his food. He got Chicken migonettes with tar tar sauce and salad and boiled potatoes and I got Tilapia kabobs with Sweet red pepper sauce and boiled potatoes and vegetables. It was really good! And nice. Richard is the guy who helped me so much when Allenni was sick in the hospital and he has become like a brother. He made me write down what he had so he could tell his mama. We then went through the little shopping center and stopped at the butcher store because Richard had never seen so many kinds of meat and cheese before. (This place was really geared to Americans and Europeans) We then headed home and he dropped me off at Brenda’s so I could use the internet. I chilled out over there for a while and when Anya arrived from her day we headed up to the guest house. The kids were glad to see me and had actually missed me! Isaiah was asleep! Justine said that he had taken 2 small naps. He woke up soon after I got home and was happy to see me. We ate dinner and at about 7pm I called Scott to see if they were coming to get Isaiah. They were supposed to already have been. So with in 20 minutes, Israel from the program, Feed the Lambs and Kenny showed up. I explained his schedule and then carried him out to the car. He kept kissing me. I then handed him off to Israel and started crying. I didn’t think I would cry, but I did. He didn’t cry but just looked at me like where am I going?
Though I will see him tomorrow, it still hurt to let go of him. I went into the house and Esther saw me crying and she started crying. We hugged and cried together. Allenni was mad and couldn’t understand what I had done. Though I had tried to explain to her, she didn’t understand. She wouldn’t even kiss him bye. She stayed mad for about and hour and then got ok. She kept telling me. He is crying. He is crying. I assured her he would be ok. I then went upstairs still crying and went to Anya’s room as we have been praying together everynight. She helped comfort me. Micah had been in Beatrice’s care for 5 months and is the most fat and well rounded baby ever! I have no doubt he is going to be taken care of. I miss him already. It is going to be good to get a full night’s sleep tonight. I can’t believe that I am sitting here typing when I should be in bed! So, on that note I will go to bed.
Pray that We will have our passports this week and be home next week!

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